Working With Family: The Fulton Sisters On Growing An Established Family Business To New Heights


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Going into an established family business certainly has its perks, but it also has its fair share of challenges. However, if we get really intentional about how we run a family business, there’s no reason why we can’t go from strength to strength.

What are the kinds of conversations we need to have, before taking up a position in a family-owned company? How can we ensure we’re fostering a healthy culture on our teams that encourages top agents outside of our families to join?

In this episode, Carly, Katelyn and Paige Fulton of The Fulton Sisters Team share how they not only joined the business their grandfather started, but grew it to astronomical heights.

"For any family going into business together, I suggest doing personality tests so you can accept and respect the different ways everyone handles conflict." -Katelyn Fulton

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • What we need to know about succession plans When is it necessary to start thinking about a succession plan in a family-owned business, and what should it look like?

  • How to make a family business our own How can younger generations within a family-owned company begin to bring their own values into the organization?

  • How to safeguard our relationships with relatives in a family business Is there a way to avoid letting workplace disagreements impact our family dynamics? More importantly, is it possible to avoid conflict in the first place?

Guest Bio-

Carly Fulton is a Third-Generation Broker at Century 21 Percy Fulton. One of the leaders of The Fulton Sisters Team, Carly previously spent years in the corporate world before deciding to make the jump into real estate. Today, she’s passionate about growing her team alongside her sisters, and in addition to running the team’s office operations, she can be found servicing clients and helping other agents make their dreams a reality.

Katelyn Fulton is a Third-Generation Broker at Century 21 Percy Fulton. Along with her sisters, Katelyn leads The Fulton Sisters Team. She is also a Manager and Recruiter at C21 Percy Fulton. Before going into business with her sisters, Katelyn spent a number of years in the healthcare space as a sonographer.

Paige Fulton is a Third-Generation Broker at Century 21 Percy Fulton. Paige runs The Fulton Sisters Team, alongside her sisters. Prior to joining her sisters in the family business established by her grandfather in the 1970s, Paige had a successful career in Human Resources.

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