4 Underrated SEO Plays That'll Double Your Organic Traffic


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we discuss four underrated SEO strategies that will help you boost your organic traffic. Updating your content and keywords, removing old dates from your URLs, and using power and pillar pages effectively will all contribute to reviving your organic traffic. Tune in to hear about the tools that will get you to your traffic goals.


[00:25] Today’s topic: 4 Underrated SEO Plays That Will Double Your Organic Traffic.

[00:39] Upgrade your content regularly.

[01:01] Consider your top performers and explore new keywords to update them.

[01:30] Boost your traffic by removing dates from your URLs.

[01:45] Write long-form pieces of content and consolidate different pieces together.

[02:04] Consider what Animalz does with their power and pillar pages.

[02:24] Turn your content into videos and put them on YouTube.

[03:01] That’s it for today!

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