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Leverage Podcast episode featuring marketing guru Dean Jackson. Dean is known for creating simple and easy marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs make more money, and marketing is the best way to do just that. With Joe Polish, Dean runs “I Love Marketing,” a free source for useful and valuable marketing knowledge for entrepreneurs.

As with anything in life or business, the more complex things are, the less likely people are going to do them, and on the flip side the simpler things are the more likely someone will do it. This is what Dean has done with his Marketing strategies: focusing on the finding the simplest way to get the greatest amount of results without his clients having to do anything.

Some of Dean’s best known strategies are:

  • The Squeeze Page
  • The 9-word email
  • Super Signature Line

Listen in as Dean shares insight on these three strategies and his foresight to the future of marketing on this episode of the Leverage podcast.

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