Creative Real Estate: Create Real Income with Term Deals


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Leverage podcast featuring Chris Prefontaine, founder of the Smart Real Estate Coach and Leverage member.

After the 2008 real estate market crash, Chris and his company reinvented the way they made deals and now coach and mentor people from all over the country to achieve the same success.

They started doing real estate on their own terms — literally. They started doing real estate deals on terms.

Chris works with (a) sellers who were unsuccessful in selling their homes, for whatever reason, and (b) sellers who have time and want the most out of their home. He offers them an alternative solution to sell their home under a specific set of rules. Without the need for brokerage fees, these sellers are motivated to get as much money as they can out of their home by working with Chris and his family.Think of leasing a car — terms deals are very similar. They also don’t require cash, capital, credit, bank loans or risking personal finances… And the way Chris does them, there is very little risk.In a terms deal, Chris’s company acts as a middleman between a seller and a pre-qualified rent-to-own buyer...

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