Entrepreneurial Freedom with Eric Edmeades


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Leverage podcast featuring Eric Edmeades, internationally recognized business speaker, film producer, serial entrepreneur, business coach and film producer.

Listen in as Nick Sonnenberg, Leverage Founder and CEO, chats with Eric about his wildly successful business coaching programs Business Freedom and Wildfit.

Eric believes that entrepreneurship is the ultimate expression of personal liberty and freedom when practiced correctly. Entrepreneurship is royalty in the Western world, yet very few business owners get to experience the freedom of being their own boss.

Entrepreneurs are hopeless optimists. 80% of businesses fail before their 5 year anniversary, and the other 20% are just getting by. Business Freedom helps guide entrepreneurs through the “jungle” of business.

“It’s a jungle out there, but jungle is only a jungle if you don’t understand the rules of the jungle.”

Just like experiencing any other “jungle,” you always go out with a guide. Business freedom is like your “jungle guide for business”.

It helps business owners start a business, gain personal and financial liberty and freedom as a result of owning a business, in addition to massively improving their quality of life - living the way they want to live, spend time with their family, have the money they want to live like royalty.

Eric’s coaching is all experience based. He’s been there, he’s lived through the struggles and has learned the “rules of the jungle” to not only survive but thrive by also practicing his “wildfit” principles of staying healthy and living their best entrepreneurial life.

Listen in to learn more about Eric, his endeavors and mission to help entrepreneurs worldwide through Business Freedom and Wildfit.

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