Success Stories Episode 2: Leverage Your Dreams


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Leverage Podcast featuring motivational speaker, poet, author and Leverage client Julianna Dawson. Interview by Brittney Martinson, Head of Client Success at Leverage.

Julianna Dawson had big dreams that she didn’t feel possible working full time and spending quality time with her family. She wanted to finish her books, have them published, promote herself as an author, and attend more self development events. She knew what she needed to do, but just didn’t have the time to get it all done.

Some of the challenges Julianna wanted solved when joining Leverage included:

- Event planning and management

- Editing video content

- Social media management

- Email management

- Writing video scripts

- Researching and booking flights and hotels

- Vacation planning

“For me it was life changing to realize it was possible to have the job, take care of the kids, have my dreams and actually have someone to help me work on that. Leverage made it really easy.”

“It was different than before when I hired a freelancer to work with me. They wouldn’t have the expertise in all these different areas – it was really great to have leverage and all the different people on your team be able to do all those different things.”

Listen in to learn more about Julianna’s experience with Leverage and the dreams she was able to accomplish by outsourcing. Including a special preview of one of her poems from Inspiring Words: Love’s Journey!

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