Episode 26 -- Mike Petriello


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Mike Petriello worked for a now-defunct video on demand company that was ahead of its time, a public relations firm that built websites for pharmaceutical companies, and the website of a bowling company. Those jobs paid the bills and provided health benefits, but it was not what he really wanted to do.

On episode 26 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, we explore why a native New Yorker liked the Dodgers, started a blog about the Dodgers with a unique name based on a Simpsons episode, how he found a voice in the blossoming world of baseball analytics, and how roughly a decade later, that led Petriello to a full-time job writing about Major League Baseball.

While staying socially distant amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we Skype’d to discuss his journey, how to convince people that RBIs are not the greatest stat, the next generation of technology that will help us understand baseball more … and what it was like when he joined the StatCast alternative broadcast for a MLB playoff games on ESPN2.

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