Episode 28 -- Ken Levine


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We're getting the band back together over the next few episodes of this podcast. On Episode 28, we start with Ken Levine, my co-host on Post Game Dodger Talk from 2008-10 on 790 KABC in Los Angeles.

Levine's career shows his immense versatility. He's written, created, produced and directed various TV shows, movies and plays. He's performed baseball play-by-play in the minors and majors. He's blogged for over a decade and now has a podcast as well.

We focused on the Cheers TV episodes that had a baseball theme, how an idea for a TV show about the press box turned into a play, how he juggled play-by-play and screenwriting on opposite coasts, memories from each of the teams he's worked, and of course, some of our favorite memories of working on Dodger Talk together.

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