S03E01 - Jerald Napoles (Actor/Comedian/Entertainer/Video Content Creator)


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Yo Life Deck Nation! We're back for Season 3 of the Life Deck Show! Can't believe that I've shared almost 25 episodes already with you guys! I would have shared more if not for this global pandemic, but it's not an excuse to make more content available for you all to tune in to. Anyway, my guest for this Podcast is a good friend of mine, Jerald Napoles! He has gone a long way to reach his stardom and on this episode, I get to pick his brain on different things in life, including how he would tell someone that they have a body odor! It sure is a fun episode for me to do so I'm really excited to share this with you all! Hope you love it that you'd subscribe and share to your friends, that would be amazing! Stay safe and healthy everyone! Bless up!

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