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Who are Your Marriage Rockstars?

Who do we look to in our culture(s) or as couples to tell us what marriage should look like or be like?

Read John 6:67-68. Where does God tell us to go?

What difference does the Word of God make in discerning what our marriages should look like?

Who are your marriage rockstars?

Wellness exercise:

If you currently have marriage mentors, give them a call, a card, or a text to say hello and check in. Try asking them a question like, “Who taught you what you know about marriage?” or “What Bible verses or passages have been helpful for you to understand marriage better?” If you do not have marriage mentors, identify together who might make a good couple to ask for mentoring from… then ask. Define what that relationship will look like for both couples involved – is it casual - just watching to grow - should there be check ins, etc?

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