Reality TV Star from MTV's The Real World Boston - "Syrus" Yarbrough


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Reality tv star, actor, promoter, and entrepreneur, Syrus from MTV's The Real World Boston and The Real World/Road Rules Challenge series joins Johnny and Elias for another exciting episode of Life & Laughs Podcast! Syrus tells us about his miracle birth, growing up, and his life before being cast on The Real World. He describes going to "Celebrity High" with famous people like Charlie Sheen, Carson Daily, and Gary Coleman and how his High School teacher changed his life which has encouraged him to help others and give back to those in need. We find out how he was accidently cast on The Real World, his time on the show, as well as behind the scenes action you didn't see. He talks about the power of celebrity and all of the benefits he has reaped when he was on the show as well as today. Learn about his clothing line, the autobiography he is working on, and his possible political aspirations. Syrus talks about his time on the popular tv show Baywatch and knocking out Eminem in his Video of the year, Without Me. We also hear about the time he appeared with the legendary Kobe Bryant on one of the shows and what it was like hanging out with the Basketball Icon. Johnny and Elias get to know Syrus on this weeks fun and entertaining episode of Life & Laughs Podcast!

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