Life Over Pain - Jennifer Ward - Coping Through Humor and Holistic Wellness


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Jennifer Ward has built a full life after a bike accident left her with a traumatic brain injury at 19. In fact she tried to go one with her life like she was largely unaffected after she got out of treatment. She went back to work as a lifeguard and back to college. She did realize she had to slow down a bit over time. And she still managed to get married and have children, become a reiki master and nutritional advisor. She does struggle with memory loss and emotional regulation, like so many of us with traumatic brain injury. In fact she and I met because we both went through the Mt. Sinai Emotional Regulation program in NYC. It's helped us recognize how we are triggered to react with immediate, outsized emotions and try to take action beforehand. Her kids even help her. Jennifer is trying every day to move through this space more elegantly.A Note On The Life Over Pain Theme Music:Emily Bielagus graciously and generously composed the lovely theme music for the Life Over Pain podcast. Find her music at Spotify,, and reach her at

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