Life Over Pain - Stefan Weiner - Musician Finds His Voice Again


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In life, each of us must overcome the slings and arrows aimed at us. Stefan Weiner had to survive more than most. Imagine having your life's passion taken away and replaced with pain. Stephan's passion is music and his pain made it impossible for him to play. His body failed him time and time again. Sadly, doctors were unable to find a unifying cause. Moreover, his pain continued even after his body healed from each injury. No one knew where his pain was coming from, yet his pain was very real. Eventually, Stefan was able to get to the Mayo Clinic. There, he was diagnosed with Central Sensitivity Syndrome. As a result, the clinic was able to provide treatment which helped Stefan learn to manage his pain. It's a life-long effort for Stefan, but the outcome is that he gets his music back. He plays his song Thunderclap for us at the end of his story. You can find more of his music on all streaming platforms under his artist name Stefan Alexander.A Note On The Life Over Pain Theme Music:Emily Bielagus graciously and generously composed the lovely theme music for the Life Over Pain podcast. Find her music at Spotify,, and reach her at

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