Life Over Pain - Zazel Chava O’Garra - Turning Setbacks into Comebacks


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Zazel sat in front of a room full of people at the audition yet she couldn't speak her lines. She wasn't nervous, that's not Zazel. She was having a seizure. She just didn't know it. For years doctors couldn't find anything "wrong" with Zazel even though she would have these "episodes" and other symptoms. Finally, they found the giant tumor that was causing all the chaos. Removing the tumor was a very dicy operation but Zazel came through it with the help of her family, excellent medical care and the healing waters of her native Montserrat. As she recuperated she found mentors who helped her find ways to use her existing talents toward a new passion of helping people in the brain tumor and brain injury community. Now she is a social worker and activists and works with organizations in NYC such as The Brain Injury Association of NEW York State. And, she founded ZCO Dance Project. Part of ZCO's mission is to encourage the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities in dance and in society. Zazel has outsized personal gifts. She is dynamic, charming, talented, giving and she has a giant heart.A Note On The Life Over Pain Theme Music:Emily Bielagus graciously and generously composed the lovely theme music for the Life Over Pain podcast. Find her music at Spotify,, and reach her at a big thanks to Paul Kondo who has helped me learn what podcasting is about and edited this story.

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