John Purkiss Headhunter, mindfulness and letting go (Part 1)


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My guests on the programme week is John Purkus, a headhunter and a published author, who discovered and taught himself mindfulness from a novel.

John is the co-founder of Purkiss & Company, where he recruits chief executives, finance directors and other board members.

To start at the beginning, John went to a Grammar School Leicester, then on to Cambridge University to study economics. He was the first in his family to get a university education.

From there he when into banking for a bit, but was pulled back into education. Taking an MBA at the INSEAD business school. As someone who was at the top of his game, he won the Henry Ford II Prize.

His was life mapped out, a future in Banking and finance was ready and waiting for him. But instead, he got clinical depression that nearly killed him.

After countless doctors and psychiatrists, drugs were prescribed that had him sleeping 10 hours a day

Johns story is not unlike many with ups and downs, starting with the depression; there have been 3 events that lead have him to the depths of despair.

He says we have three choices when life hits the buffers, kill your self, bare it or step up. John has learnt to step up. On his travels John has lived and worked in France, Belgium and the USA and speaks French, German and Spanish.

It was a wide-ranging conversation, We explore how his depression was a blessing.

Why smart people get ill, His interest in Enntrpeanuer ship and Angel investing. And what it cost to recruit Eric Schmidt, the chairman of google in 2001.

We explore intuition and how the discovery if a guru changed much that he thought was true or real. It is a conversation about oneness and so much more.

Our wide-ranging conversation that takes lots of twists and turns leading up to the publication of letting go. Like all of Johns books, it is an exploration of what worked for him.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with John Purkiss

This show is part 1 and part 2 will be available in 24 hours

if you'd like to get in touch with John you can find him on LinkedIn Facebook and on Twitter and his website is.

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