Patrick M Powers, The Broke Taxi Driver and the Power of Networking Pt1


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The links to Focus Coaching can be found at https://lifepassionandbusiness.comMy guest on this week stared his first job 18 and realised that working for someone was not a sustainable option. It was boring, so Patrick M Powers began his first business at the age of 21 and soon went out of business, losing his home and most of his money.

He had chosen to be a hands-on therapist at a time when the idea was new and pretty radical. Plus he was shy and could not sell himself.

Today Patrick runs one of the largest online business networking organisations in Europe with 27,000 members. He has become and an expert in influence marketing and copywriting.

But of course, there was a story to be told. Like how he went from the shy starving taxi-driver in Copenhagen/Denmark to retiring in style in the Caribbean.

But that would be jumping ahead. The failure of his first business was down to lack of knowledge and confidence for selling. So he started learning the ropes.

By 2003 he had landed himself in a network marketing he hit the big time with a growing company.

Say what you like about network marketing if you use the system and do the work it is possible to be successful. However, being shy was not going to work for Patrick. So he went on to develop his system, and it worked. It worked so well that built a team of 10,000 people.

That was it he was made and set with an income for life until he lost it all. Now stuck in the Dominican Republic and broke, his last cash was sitting in a safe-deposit box in London, he had to borrow money to fly to the UK to get it.

It is a story that leads from despair to life-threatening illness to recovery,

We touch on how to choose a good network marketing company.

Meditation, presence, NLP and some weird stuff

The problems of Social Media and the growth of Narsisem

The power of networking ( not so easy in a COVID world)

Patrick Powers has a fascinating story I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Patrick will be delighted to invite you into his networking organisation

For Direct contact with Patrick you can find him on LinkedIn on Facebook and on Twitter, there is also the website at

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