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Every season certain organs and systems are more active than others and during the summer season your spleen, pancreas, colon & lungs have been working hard.

During the summer as the temperature begins to fall and leaves turn from green to yellow your body is in need of recovery from your summer activities.

A lot of sweet drinks and fruits are consumed along with BBQ and vacation eating as well.

A Fall Detox will help to detoxify and support the areas that need attention the most; your spleen, pancreas, colon & lungs.

This week I will share 5 reasons you should do a Fall Detox.

Quote - Don’t wish for a good body, work for it.

For More Health Support: https://lifestrengthandhealth.com/health-assesment/

Detoxification Programs: https://lifestrengthandhealth.com/detoxification/

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