Financing Real Estate Projects with Stephanie Casper


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LifeBlood REI: We talked about Stephanie’s professional path, the evolution of real estate investing, the current landscape, how institutional money is impacting the space and what the future could hold.

The traditional ways in which investors would finance projects and how that’s being changed through technology and greater interest in the space, and how innovation has driven down costs and benefited operators.

How LendingHome is positioned to help investors with short term liquidity needs as well as longer term needs, how their process works from a risk and underwriting standpoint, and how to position yourself for success with your own team as well as being organized from a financial standpointwith Stephanie Casper, VO and Head of Sales with LendingHome, an organization using innovative technology to simplify the financing process for real estate investors. Listen to learn how to get financing for your first investment real estate purchase or your 100th!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:37!

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