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LifeBlood BE WELL: We talked about coming to the recognition of just how important sleep is to our overall health and wellbeing, how it’s often ignored and deserves to have a lot more attention placed on it, the current state of American’s sleep quality.

How to train our body and minds to turn off at the end of the day, how sleeping well makes everything better, what it means to be a good sleeper, how it’s relative, how life events can carry into our sleep forever if we’re not aware.

How emotional, physical and mental issues chip away at our sleep, what factors go into a good night’s sleep, the three “buckets” people fall into, the importance of having a consistent schedule, creating a sleep buffer, and the danger of alcohol on our sleep with Devin Burke, International speaker, best-selling author, coach and Founder of Sleep Science Academy.

Listen to learn what kind of sleeper you are and what you can start doing immediately and get better and improve your overall health!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 19:50.

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