Overcoming Avoidance Behavior with Ryan Obernesser


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We talked about what avoidance behavior is, how getting into fitness helped gain confidence and grow stronger, how a push from his mom helped him get started and how mentors and outside influences can make all the difference when doing hard things.

How decisions get harder to make when there’s money involved and how people need support and guidance through that process. How to recognize your self-worth and address limiting beliefs head on in order to charge what you’re worth.

How knowing your key business metrics is imperative to growing a sustainable business and why people resist it, and why investing in coaching can make a massive difference with Ryan Obernesser, CEO of OB Training Inc, Gym Profits LLC, and the creator of the Take Back Your Life six week challenge program.

Listen to learn how to identify the stories we’re telling ourselves and others which serve as excuses for not doing the important things we need to be doing!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 17:16!

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