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LifeBlood MAXIMIZE: We talked about bringing employees back to physical offices as we slowly come out of the pandemic, how it’s wise to ignore the prevailing media messages of “don’t screw this up” and instead to be excited about the opportunity to unlock people’s potential, how to think empower them to be creative in how they’d like to work moving forward.

How our perspective on technology has dramatically changed over the past two years and how to embrace the changes that will certainly continue coming.

How to ask the questions “what are we doing well” and “what do we need to change,” how to help people clarify their purpose, how to think about and create rituals around work to find success in a hybrid work environment.

What it means to give aspects of your day beginning and ends, and how to make management in this environment work with Michael Teape, Training Consultant and CoFounder of Teape Training International.

Listen to learn why orgs should ignore the negativity of bringing employees back to work the “wrong” way and focus instead on how to unlock their people’s potential!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:47.

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