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LifeBlood ENGAGE: We talked about how to tell your story, the pandemic may have been the first time in history that we’re all going through the same experience. How as humans, we’re not just one story, we’re a combination of many different stories. How our story is informed from our ancestors, our parents, as well as our lived experiences.

How conflict arises when our stories are challenged by the stories of others, and how to recognize when it’s happening to us. Understanding that there are different stages of the beginning, middle and end; not just the beginning, middle and end of the story itself. How the “messy middle” is where real growth and learning happens and how to embrace it. How a great story causes us to lean in and the value of that.

How truly connecting with others requires that we know and understand our own story, and how to go about learning that and how to get started with Mary Alice Arthur, story activist, author of 365Alive and the host of the Story Dojo podcast. Listen to learn some powerful questions to ask to better know ourselves in order to get better at telling our own stories!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 20:44!

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