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LifeBlood BE WELL: We talked about health for life, weight loss and sustainable eating.

We discussed the realities of obesity in America, how we’ve all tried dieting numerous times over the course of our lives, how very few of us successfully keep the weight off and the majority end up gaining back more.

We talked about how dieting creates a tunnel vision effect where we focus on short periods of time and put our heads down, but when it’s over, we’re not prepared to do what needs to happen next, which results in us gaining the weight back.

We talked about how the post-diet stage is where people fall short of the weight loss goal they’re looking for because they lack the necessary tools to be successful.

We discussed how everyone is capable of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they just need the right tools and support. How our bodies don’t like calorie deficits, which are the key to weight loss, but the enemy of a sustainable eating program, and what we can do to be successful long-term with Paul Salter, Registered Dietician, Coach, Author, Sustainable Weight-Loss Expert, Strength Coach and host of the Screw the Scale podcast.

Listen to learn why it’s important to stop looking at food as good or bad, and to start looking at it as a fuel for your body so you can feel great and live a healthy life!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 17:35.

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