Ways Your Lack of Confidence Shows on Your Weight Loss Journey.....that have NOTHING to do with what your body looks like!


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When I first set out on my weight loss journey, I only thought of confidence had to do with what my body looked like. Fit enough, "toned" enough, hot enough....I thought that the more I felt confident with my body, the more confident I would be as a woman.

& while yes, feeling better in your clothes and with your physical body can make you feel great, especially if you've always picked yourself apart or feel like you have to cover up every ounce of your self perceived 'flaws'....

I want you to learn ways your lack of confidence show up on your weight loss journey that have NOTHING TO DO with what your body looks like.

I know how all of this feels, & I want you to know, that you are deserving of not just changing your body to how you want it to be, but also to have the confidence with yourself and your life that you truly want.

You do so much for others, you love everyone, you want others to be happy, but when's the last time you were happy and felt like you were thriving?

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