AR is the New Content (with Mike Molnar, Managing Partner at GLOW)


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Our guest this week is Mike Molnar, Managing Partner of the digital and social agency GLOW. He draws on 20 years of experience leading award-winning digital creative efforts across display media, site development, trans-media experiences, games, and social and mobile content—working across teams to develop large scale high-profile campaigns, custom content and digital experiences that generate measurable results and drive value for partners.
On this episode we go to town on topics like:
-People want Innovation but don’t want to commit to innovation.
-Value in innovation beyond just the execution.
-Explosive opportunities in AR Marketing
-Converging the disconnect between CMOs and Technologists.
-As important as it is to be connected, it’s equally important to disconnect

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Check out GLOW:
Find out more about Liftoff: Here.
Until next time, friends...stay curious.

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