[LifeWave] Acupuncture Points for Neutralizing Fear and Nervousness


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Fear is nothing new. In fact, it is an incredibly useful energy to get us moving from a place of danger to a place of safety. Unfortunately, momentary fear is very different biologically than chronic ongoing fear. With the COVID-19 virus pandemic and forced social distancing rules, fear and panic has spread throughout the world. Some experts feel the spread of fear is much more harmful than the spread of the virus! Chronic fear means chronically activating the sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze response) arm of our nervous system. That can lead to inflammation and a host of other significant mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. Join me and my colleague Dr. Dennis Lobstein on Monday June 1st for the Ask the LifeWave Doctors segment of Light Warrior Radio as we share how to use phototherapy patches on specific Chinese Medicine acupuncture points/meridians to neutralize the negative effects of chronic fear and nervousness symptoms. Dr. Dennis will review, in depth, the Chinese Medicine theory, and then share some practical patching protocols to calm and balance the nervous system stress. We could ALL use some more calm and balance these days, don’t you think?

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