Margrethe Vestager on awakening her feminine leadership


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Labelled as the EU most feared tax lady - and at the same time openly admitting the pain of many executive women - often seen as wrong as soon as they enter the room, before speaking out. What was her journey to discovering the feminine leadership that she is now so admired for?

Tune into this first part of an exclusive interview series with Margrethe Vestager, opening up to QUESTIONS THAT SHE NEVER ANSWERED BEFORE.

Some have quoted her as the greatest enemy, others as one of the most inspiring female leaders of this era. No need to ask which tribe I’m part of. She is one of my greatest role models and most admired colleagues... and definitely THE most honourable guest I could have wished for!

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So tune into this precious series of short but juicy, inspiring and worldview shifting answers. I’m excited to hear your main takeaways from her opinions like this one: "Diverse leadership is such a challenge because it becomes so much more difficult to find that comfort of fitting in. You must immediately be much more yourself."

You will also hear her speak of:

  • Feminine leadership and balancing it out with political powerplay
  • Discovering your inner voice and trusting your gut and team when taking some of the most costly decisions on the planet
  • Staying authentic even if political enemies want to destroy or at least hurt you with their criticism
  • Parenting challenges and burnout prevention
  • Life purpose, political role models, weaknesses, spirituality and much more.


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Margrethe Vestager, age 52, is Executive Vice President of the European Commission for a Europe fit for the digital age. She previously served as Commissioner for Competition (2014-19). She was Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior (2011-14) and Minister for Education (1998-2001) of Denmark. She was Political leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party (2007-14) and worked for the Danish Ministry of Finance (1993-95). Ms. Vestager holds an MSc in Economics (University of Copenhagen).

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