Giving the Denver Nuggets some damn respect


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Longtime Denver Nuggets analyst Adam Mares, now the VP of Creative Production at DNVR Sports and co-host of the Keeping it 1,000 podcast with George Karl, joins Ben and Mike to celebrate the Nuggets' improbable march to the Western Conference Finals. No Clippers choke talk here! Go anywhere else for that side of the story. This is all about the Nuggets' triumph and their journey to this point. Among the topics discussed: -Where the Nuggets' resiliency comes from. -The three-pronged franchise pillar of Mike Malone, Nikola Jokic, and Jamal Murray -How the Nuggets' versatile offense flummoxed the Clippers. -Why Adam now believes in Jamal Murray after being a longtime skeptic. -Michael Porter Jr. as the X-factor, both this year and beyond. -Denver's chances against the Lakers in a series

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