Designing and Investing in Web3 with Ian Lee and Reuben Bramanathan of IDEO


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Ian Lee and Reuben Bramanathan are both part of IDEO Colab Ventures. Ian is the managing director at IDEO Colab Ventures and has been there since 2017, and Reuben recently joined IDEO as a general partner in January and has previously been active in the crypto space as an advisor and angel investor.

We talk about IDEO Colab Ventures' founding story, the team's investment style, IDEO's mission to redesign and rethink web3 with founders, Ian and Reuben's thoughts on how to avoid costly decisions for startup founders, their excitement on social crypto, and more.

Topics we've discussed include:

1) How did Ian and Reuben get into crypto investing?

2) What's IDEO's position around social crypto?

3) How is IDEO Colab Ventures a unique partner for founders to have?

4) How should teams think about the market for a crypto project?

If you’d like to see more from them, you can follow them on Twitter -Ian @ianjohnlee and Reuben @bramanathan

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