James Joyce’s Undersea Pineapple - Literary Loitering 122


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We’re back once again with those renegade masters of cultural anarchy, and this week we make our usual pit-stop to find out what everyone’s been reading before diving straight into some news … about VAT.
It’s actually more interesting than you think. Honest!
After that we have some things about spying on the bookshelves of politicians, some unsurprising additions to the American Library Associations list of “most challenged” books, the banning of some very surprising books by an Alaskan school board, the top three biggest-selling authors in America for 2019 and more.
Then it’s time for our now seemingly regular quiz, and this week Producer Rob has a Blankety Blank about strange book titles.
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Thanks, and until next time, don't read anything we wouldn't!
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