#177 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction & Travel with Matt Wilson on The Mindhack Podcast Host Cody McLain


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Learn the Traveler's Mindset and Stress-based Mindfulness - Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is the co-founder and CEO of under30experiences, recently ranked on the Forbes 5,000 list. In this episode, Cody and Matt discuss the importance of travel in getting outside of your daily habits, and mindfulness-based practices to calm and reduce stress.

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  • How has travel changed your life? (07:01)
  • How did you go about developing that mindset of openness? (11:19)
  • How does traveling help when you feel you’re stuck in a rut? (20:06)
  • How was meditation beneficial to you? (26:52)
  • The Memory Palace Technique. (36:10)
  • What’s a routine that works for you? (47:16) (47:35)
  • What is the book you are working on that focuses on traveling? (59:41)
  • What message would you like to impart to young people? (01:03:55)

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