Katherine Beattie is a TV Writer (NCIS: NOLA) with a Disability


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https://youtu.be/3FAGrjt0Xe0 Katherine Beattie is a TV Writer (NCIS: NOLA) with a Disability Today’s show is about a person with a disability that made a place for herself in Entertainment despite road blocks. Yes, Katherine Beattie has a disability, Cerebral Palsy, and she explains that if she can make it in Hollywood/entertainment then so can you. Heads up, this isn’t a PG rated interview. Explicit language and topics with lots of empowerment and for sure laughter. Katherine Beattie is a TV writer for NCIS: NOLA, works on other projects in entertainment and is also an adaptive athlete, most notably WCMX (yes, Beattie is the first female to do a backflip in a wheelchair). There, I spared you long show notes. But yeah, Katherine Beattie went after a difficult career where very few with disabilities work and she made it. Some dreams do work out, right? Right. Find Katherine Beattie here, https://www.instagram.com/ktbeattie/ https://twitter.com/kbeattie85?lang=en This podcast is brought to you by Living Adaptive with Scott Davidson Go to www.livingadaptive.com for more information. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/living_adaptive/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livingadaptive/

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