I am a Gardener


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You are the master gardener of your living aura, your atmosphere of where your heart lives, what it creates, how expanded it is. Allow this garden to both inspire you to create more, and be all of you, allowing it to birth new beauty inside of you. Because, when we plant seeds of hope, we are investing into our harvest.

If we plant seeds for a magnolia, we cannot expect it to develop into a hibiscus. The same goes for our lives. If we are planting our garden, our aura, our life, are we being a gardener who deliberately plants magnolias to get hibiscus, this means if we are hosting an environment of doubt, how can we expect to bear the fruit of doubtLESS. In your garden, where are you planting and watering what does belong, and uprooting what does not belong?
What appears to be devastating, or too difficult, could actually be the one place you were meant to stand, completely surrendered to the call of crafting your garden.

Go be a living aura today by taking time to be in the center of yourself, breathing in beauty, new creativity, and watering only what serves as the highest form of you.
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