A Plan To Save Biodiversity, Redlining Linked with Extreme Urban Heat, Court Dismisses Youth Climate Case, and more


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Appeals Court Reluctantly Dismisses Youth Climate Case / Beyond the Headlines / A Plan to Avoid Extinctions / Mangroves Thriving in a Warming World / BirdNote®: Laysan Albatrosses Nest at Midway Atoll / Norway's Disappearing Winter / Redlining Linked with Extreme Urban Heat
As many as 1 million species are at risk of going extinct in the coming decades. Now the UN has a bold plan to set aside half of the earth by 2050 to save biodiversity.
Also, the discriminatory practice known as redlining is now linked with neighborhoods that experience extreme heat.
And even Scandinavia, nearly synonymous with cold and snow, is heating up: Oslo, Norway is already experiencing 21 fewer days of winter than it did 30 years ago.
Norway's disappearing winter and more, in this episode of Living on Earth from PRX.
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