Ep. #185: Abandonment Wounds, Simple & Accessible Rituals & Grief Tending with Yarrow Magdalena


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Yarrow Magdalena (they/them) lives a soft, slow life in Scotland and creates rituals and ceremonies for the big and small milestones in life. They also write, make textile art, host a podcast, swim in the sea all year and do a lot of queer dreaming.

In this episode, Yarrow and Eryn talk about:

  • How this pandemic has been for them and how they’ve been feeling this year
  • Being a small business owner during this pandemic
  • Writing a book during the pandemic as a devotional practice
  • Ritual as support, what ritual means to them
  • Making ritual accessible for yourself
  • Connecting to spirit through consistent ritual
  • What enchantment means to them
  • Grief tending and death midwife work
  • Heartbreak and grieving people who are no longer in our lives
  • Not abandoning yourself
  • Abandonment wounds during this pandemic & wounds around being liked/being enough
  • Their self-marriage ceremony
  • Creating romance & intimacy with yourself

Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/yarrow-magdalena-2

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Explore Yarrow's podcast Daydreaming Wolves, new book Rituals - simple & radical practices for enchantment in times of crisis, and Patreon dream program (starts October 6th!).

You can listen to Yarrow's first interview on Living Open from last September here.

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