2021 ZiPS projections: Dubón, Crawford, Longoria, Solano


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On today's Locked On Giants podcast, host Ben Kaspick looks at some 2021 ZiPS projections for the San Francisco Giants, which were released yesterday on FanGraphs by Dan Szymborski. Examined today are the projections for Mauricio Dubón, Brandon Crawford, Evan Longoria, and Donovan Solano. Ben talked at length last year about how projections systems were overly pessimistic about the Giants, and that they were likely to outperform them because of their commitment to platoons and innovative new hitting coaches. And indeed, the Giants massively overperformed their pessimistic 2020 projections almost to a man. Now, the 2021 ZiPS projections are out, and Ben examines whether or not the computer is buying into what the Giants were able to do in the small sample of 2020. As we'll see, the projections are buying into the improvements to an extent, but they're not necessarily all-in just yet.

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