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Today I talk about the SECOND voice in my head, and we talk with Dan Strik VP of Hyfit Gear (a new very cool piece of technology that is making people rethink what a portable home gym can be)


Hey, I'm actually down (last episode I was 234.03 and now I'm 233. As I mentioned in the Facebook group, you do have a GOOD VOICE that is cheering you on and the more you listen to that voice the louder it gets.

I've been doing more exercise and hitting my goals, and consequently, the scale has been my friend.

What is HyFit Gear?

Check out this Video

It's like resistance bands on steroids (and you only need ONE band).

I actually ordered this and bought the deal where you get TWO YEARS of their app (you pay an extra $10 to save $180 seems like a no brainer)

You can actually get started for $0 and then pay $15 for 12 months.

I understand that more muscle = more calorie burning. I rearranged my "home gym" and the Total Gym takes up a TON of room (and NO, I'm not going to set it up and tear it down).

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