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Mike Elias is doing some very interesting and novel work.

His work is focused around his brainchild, Idea Markets, which seeks to develop a currency of credibility based upon the blockchain. Built upon an updated securities exchange platform which seeks to put the measure of trust in the credibility of an information source by introducing capital risk into the game.

In this very fascinating episode, Mike and I discuss the ins-and-outs of this concept through contrast and comparison with existing technologies and exchanges. He does an excellent job of explaining several concepts that many folks have had a difficult time in grasping.

We carry the conversation forward into potential branches in this technology, including verging into the education realm, and then we delve into some odd and spiritual territory at the end of the conversation.

All in all, I very much enjoyed the conversation with Mike, thought that his ideas made a lot of sense and there are many ideas of a complex nature expressed clearly so that you, dear audience, can absorb and enjoy them.

Want more from Mike?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/harmonylion1

Idea Markets: https://ideamarkets.org/

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