Peter Hitchens: Liberty in the Age of Covid-19


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On March 21st, in his Daily Mail column, Peter Hitchens asked the unaskable: Is shutting down Britain - with unprecedented curbs on ancient liberties - REALLY the best answer?

"This is our future," he wrote, "and if I did not lift my voice to speak up for it now, even if I do it quite alone, I should consider that I was not worthy to call myself English or British, or a journalist, and that my parents' generation had wasted their time saving the freedom and prosperity which they handed on to me after a long and cruel struggle whose privations and griefs we can barely imagine."

He took a lot of grief for it. Now, on this special podcast, he sits down with London Calling's James Delingpole, to discuss the shutdown of our Western Democracies in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and what the acceptance of unprecedented government power means for each of us.

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