Firefighters respond to gas line incident on 1 year anniversary of OEV explosion, unanswered questions remain as post-secondary students return to class, and Bethany's Hope Foundation fundraiser for Leukodystrophy research


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One year after a car drove into a house and struck a gas line causing destruction in Old East Village, firefighters responded to a similar incident Friday morning. Crews were called to Grey Street where a car had ran into a house, severing a gas line. Houses on the block had to be evacuated for safety measures. Platoon Chief Shawn Fitzgerald joined Mike to discuss the ironic incident.

Students have began to return to post-secondary in London. As even more students return to class in the fall, what could post-secondary classrooms look like and what are living situations potentially going to be like for students as the pandemic pushes on. Darlene O'Neill, Fanshawe's Director of Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services, joins to explain.

Bethany's Hope Foundation has launched a new fundraiser called 'Catch the Ace', in hopes of raising proceeds to support Leukodystrohpy research. The Foundation is hoping to raise funds as they push to find a cure for
Metabolic Leukodystrophy. Dave McIntyre, president of Bethany's Hope Foundation, joins Mike to explain the fundraiser in detail.

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