Long Shots


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History might be written by the winners, but in presidential politics the story is often shaped by the Long Shots. Journalist Conor Powell profiles eight presidential candidates who lost the race for the White House but dramatically changed America’s political landscape - right up to today.

Long Shots is the story of America’s presidential battles – the contentious contest for the most powerful office in the world - and how knowing where we've been can help us choose a better tomorrow.

With the help of top journalist and campaign heavyweights - NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Molly Jong-Fast, Larry King, Carl Cameron, Bay Buchanan, and James Zogby - you will learn how these political outsiders reshaped American political culture, like the affable but divisive Pat Buchanan, who laid the foundation for much of today’s divisive conservative discourse, and Jesse Jackson, who literally changed the face of the Democratic Party.

9 episodes