Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 012


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Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 012

Issue: Transformers #12 (Marvel)

Delvin, Jon and Pat are back to talk Transformers issue #12, Optimus Prime and everything else that is more than meets the eye. Till all are one!

  • Opening [0:01:19]
  • Podcast promo - Action Film Face-Off - [0:05:41]
  • Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:07:59]
  • Who had the touch? [0:29:52]
  • Less Than Meets The Eye [0:32:05]
  • Transformers Spotlight - Optimus Prime [0:39:52]
  • Podcast promo - Fan Film Friday - [0:46:36]
  • Likes, Shares and Feedback [0:47:40]
  • Closing [0:49:33]

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