Longbox Heroes Episode 496: Del Rusk


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If there are no more comic books (in April), why is this episode so long? We talk about the major publishers decisions of what to publish and how during these trying times. Also, new contenders in the distribution markets could be poking around. Also, how much would you pay for every DC comic ever? Probably the same amount Joe and Todd came up with. Plus, what we read last week, what we’re going to be doing (maybe) for the next month plus a review of Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. Do check us out!

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Links of Note
Check here for any and all updates on the comic convention season.
the All-New All-Different Soon to be Named Network
Chris Rundt Kickstarter for Battle Monsters
Jason Sandberg’s Jupiter
the Chop Shop

Free Digital Books and Sales
Image Hickman Sale
Marvel Chip Zdarsky Sale
Marvel Kree/Skrull Sale
DC Darkest Timeline Sale
Marvel New Mutants Sale
Jupiter’s Legacy #1 for FREE!
the Walking Dead #1 for FREE!
Astro City #1/2 for FREE!
DC Super Hero Girls Halloween ComicFest #1 for FREE!
Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 for FREE!
FCBD 2016: Captain America #1 for FREE!
FCBD 2016: Civil War II #1 for FREE!
Swordquest #0 for FREE!
FCBD: Wonder Woman #1 for FREE!
FCBD: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 for FREE!
FCBD: DC Superhero Girls #1 for FREE!
FCBD: Secret Empire #1 for FREE!
Batman Adventures #12 for FREE!
Quantum & Woody #0.0001 ½ for FREE!
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #148 for FREE!
DC FCBD Silver DC Super Hero Girls 2018 #1 for FREE!
DC Nation #0 for FREE!
Teen Titans GO! Figure for FREE!
Batman LiL Gotham #1 for FREE!
DC’s Year of the Villain Special #1 for FREE!
The Adventures of Dr. Pepper #1 for FREE!
Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs #1: Special Edition for FREE!
DCeased Halloween ComicFest Special Edition #1 for FREE!
A BUTT Ton of Image Comics First Issues for FREE!
Amigo is giving you TONS of FREE books!
Dynamite Freebies
A better collection of FREE books on Comixology!

What We Read Last Week
Immortal Hulk #33
Killing Red Sonja #1

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week
who knows

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