M21 Full 45 & What's the Play? - Episode 163


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This week we check in on Double Masters briefly with a P1p1 and then dive into a full M21 draft log. Afterwards, we take a look at the deck and some interesting in-game decisions that came up in the three matches Ethan played out on MTGO.

2XM Draft: https://magic.flooey.org/draft/show?id=3_tcR_4yEYLOqWIu_yJuGjoQJdg

M21 Draft: https://magic.flooey.org/draft/show?id=E97YiCvV-Xc2FD_2LSlqcpXttQw

M21 What's the Plays: https://imgur.com/a/FEwYjx4

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