ZNR Draft Expeditions - Episode 170


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With the new format beginning to settle, your hosts take this opportunity to look at a bunch of different drafts to show how they're navigating the rocky terrain of Zendikar Rising, specifically the raw power of MDFCs vs. the synergy that the top decks in the set provide.

Draft 1: https://magic.flooey.org/draft/show?id=igT2aB6O4bPip1e9gfYkOVqD-PM

Draft 2: https://www.17lands.com/draft/12aaf766d1144468872a44305f8abf67

Draft 3: https://magic.flooey.org/draft/show?id=hGPv-VaPyB4QHEz927G6Nq3jMNY

Draft 4: https://www.17lands.com/draft/2fd74c64186d4500a8161054d6e7d9e2

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