Lose Weight For The Last Time


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We know exactly how it feels to be overweight and being stuck FOR YEARS in the diet mentality. Are you sick of starting the diet on Monday and falling off that wagon by Friday only to start it all over again on the following Monday? That yo-yo diet mentality is very familiar to us. We hear you - why can’t I just have enough willpower to do it once and for all? But we can say for sure, there is nothing wrong with you. It is the unsustainable diet mentality that makes you believe that it is something wrong with you. It is exhausting and leads to spending your life in constant misery. We are Tan and Sasha, two ICF accredited transformational coaches who have founded the Lose Weight For The Last Time Programme. We have been on our personal weight loss journey and are now super passionate to share all that experience with you on our podcast. So strap yourself in to be part of a non-judgemental, loving and caring community of like-minded people on a weight loss journey as we explore how you can reinstate the trust with yourself and your own body. We will be giving you tips and advice on how to manage your relationship with food and body image. You will also get the tools and resources you need for a more sustainable healthy relationship with food. Say NO to the calorie counting, yo-yo diet STARVING lifestyle and say HELLO to building self love, self esteem and confidence.

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