The Condition of Your Conditions


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In this episode, Andrew and Sammy tackle the importance of having the right approach in making conditions in life. Aiming for success requires discipline, perseverance, hard work, courage, and faith.When you set up a goal and aim to achieve it, even in the simplest form, it will push you towards success and accomplishment of those goals.

  • What are the fundamental elements of setting up a condition? (6:12)
  • A strong commitment to your goals will make a huge difference in your life (7:42)
  • How one’s conditions in life should be imposed (9:29)
  • Condition acts as a focal point towards stimulating growth (11:15)
  • The importance of having the right approach to your life conditions (14:00)
  • The difference between duty and faith (15:12)
  • How can you achieve a joyful and abundant life? (17:39)
  • The idea of living a dynamic lifestyle (20:24)
  • Life in a static state hinders self-growth and attracts self-destructive behavior (22:53)
  • Some advice from Uncle Jerry Servido on how to set up conditions to deal with your struggles in life (25:18)
  • The significance of being clear on your purpose as you make your conditions (27:57)
  • Make your discomforts as your starting point to create your life conditions (28:44)

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