Ask Low Blows 8/11: The Three Bald Erics


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@declanbyrne31: Is there going to be a #asklowblows this week cause mine is with shamrock rovers ending 32 year wait to win the fai cup do you think wwe will give them a replica belt seen as they always give teams replica belts that win big cups

@seanmacsamhrain: Can you pinpoint exactly what it was that made you a mad wrestling fan? I cant. I know it’s a mix of playing SmackDown:HereComesThePain & ShutYourMouth, watching WWE:Experience on Sky1 and wrastlin on my mates trampoline but it wasn’t just one thing.

@stagmor13: ok 1st things 1st I want to say before I ask my question for this week I both enjoy & think women wrestling is as good more & often better than men's from a story telling and profromance point of view. My question is not a pop women wrestling. Is the women's division the weak link in aew. The way it is presented. The gimmicks and lack of gimmicks they have give them. The way the commitary specks about it just makes it feel well not good. I fell its not the profomers fault. Its aews. I feel that it is but willing to corrected. I would love hear @katey_harvey take on this as she is huge fan of aew and a performer. Again I enjoy women wrestling and will be watching roh now that they have Martina on Fridays on sky channel 192

@tkenny2622: Right @HashtagLowBlows I'll send this in before I forget. Queen vs cian, name as many bald wwe wrestlers as possible in 30 seconds

@KentoCCFC: five Irish wrestlers 'invade' RAW and Smackdown - which ones and what's your logic?

@bryanamaniac: with the announcement of the all women's Wargames for Takeover:Wargames, do you think NXT should have a men's Wargames as well? I personally don't. It feels like too much overkill but what is your opinion?

@KillerSteveW: Even with the addition of NXT has the brand wars gimmick at Survivor Series run its course?

@cluelessnerd: what do you guys think of the whole WWE crown jewel situation? And Vince leaving the talent there when some think as the boss he should have stayed with them

@eoin_davis1: with tickets on sale this week and being just 5 months out, Wrestlemania 36 card prediction!

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