224: Talking Pleasure with Jia Gottlieb


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What does pleasure mean for you? This week we kick off a series to optimise life - call it upleveling, deepening our sense of well being and satisfaction or cultivating happiness and more pleasure, we’re exploring it all in the next few shows and on this show I interview Dr Jia Gottlieb on the topic of pleasure, a subject Jia has studied for decades which has culminated in this wonderful new book “Ahhh… The Pleasure Book”. We explore the pleasure and pain connection, addiction, guilt and shame surrounding pleasure, why it means so much more than sex and food and how to look at pleasure from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspectives to feel more deeply at peace, content and alive in your life. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful? Enjoy the show and head to the show notes for more details over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

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