Dr. Mike Banna: How Personal Trainers Can Develop Relationships With Doctors


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In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Dr Mike Banna. Mike is a full-time NHS GP, GP Trainer and GP Training Programme Director, and a Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He co-hosts the Fitness Unfiltered Podcast and has written for The Guardian, Men’s Health, Gymshark, Spectator Health and several other medical publications. They discuss why Mike has a personal trainer, what he would look for in one on social media, how PTs can work more closely with doctors, how much doctors are taught about nutrition and exercise and much more! Timestamps are below.


  • [02.30] - Why does he have a personal trainer?
  • [05.35] - What he think people look for in a personal trainer on social media?
  • [15.20] - The challenges doctors/ GPs have in working closely with personal trainers?
  • [19.00] - Advice for trainers who want to work with their doctor or their client's doctor?
  • [19.50] - Why doctors cannot recommend individual personal trainers?
  • [22.25] - Mike's thoughts on personal trainers sending out letters to their client's doctor about their training or progress?
  • [32.30] - How much are doctors taught at a base level when it comes to exercise and nutrition?

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